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1.The ICEIV2022 conference accepts both Chinese and English manuscript.

2.All accepted papers will be peer reviewed on ICEIV2022. The scientific committee will recommend high-quality papers presented at the conference for further consideration of publication in the special issues in renowned SCI-indexed journals.

3.All accepted papers in English and all the Chinese papers accepted by the conference (the Chinese papers have been translated into English) but not recommended to journals will be will be published in the Conference Proceedings (LNEE, ISSN:1876-1100, EI source) by Springer-Verlag Publisher, Germany, which will be submitted to EI Compendex index.

Submission Guidelines

1.Authors should use the templates obtained from the conference site to format their papers

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Submission Procedure of the Final Paper

If the authors want to submit the final paper, you can update the previous submissions with an original manuscript number. The detailed procedure is attached.

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Topics of interest include, but are not limited to Energy Storage Materials and Technology, Energy System and Intelligent Electric Transportation Technology.

(1) Energy Storage Materials and Technology

Dielectric and insulating materials

Fuel cell, solid-state battery, solar cell, capacitor battery, sodium-ion battery

Hydrogen storage materials, photocatalysis/electrocatalysis, electrolyte

Electrochemical energy storage, thermal energy storage, mechanical energy storage, wind energy storage, hydrogen energy storage, inductive energy storage

Pumped storage power generation and capacitive energy storage system

Design, modeling, prediction and control of energy storage system

Whole process safety and fire protection of energy storage system

Battery performance test and evaluation, software development

Battery state estimation, life prediction and charge discharge management

Battery traceability management, echelon utilization and recycling technology

Application of artificial intelligence and big data technology in energy storage

Session Chairs

Kai Jiang(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Kangli Wang(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Junwei Zha(University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Minghua Chen(Harbin University of Science and Technology)

Caiping Zhang(Beijing Jiaotong University)

Quan Xu (China University of Petroleum (Beijing))

Yang Jin (Zhengzhou University)

Xuebing Han(Tsinghua University)

Jinghui Gao(Xi'an Jiaotong University)

(2) Energy System

Transmission and distribution network, microgrid and independent power system

Power system protection, reliability and elasticity

High voltage and insulation technology

Applied control theory of power system, motor and transformer

Power and energy system planning and reliability

Modeling and research of energy system

Carbon management, carbon pricing and low-carbon energy policy

Energy system supporting the Internet of things

Applications of Big data and AI in power and energy systems

Network security of power and energy systems

Power system and automation

Session Chairs

Yi Ding(Zhejiang University)

Yong Li(Hunan University)

Jing Ma(North China Electric Power University)

Guoqiang Gao(Southwest Jiaotong University)

Hong Li(Beijing Jiaotong University)

Wei Yao(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

Bo Hu(Chongqing University)

Yunfei Mu(Tianjin University)

Meng Huang(Wuhan University)

(3) Intelligent Electric Transportation Technology

All electric propulsion technology for unmanned equipment

System modeling, simulation and optimization technology

Power system optimization and intelligent control technology

Wire controlled transport platform and collaborative control

Electric propulsion and electric drive system

Advanced motor and power electronic system

Vehicle energy management and optimization control

Intelligent electric transportation decision and control technology

Vehicle road coordination and intelligent driving

Energy consumption analysis technology of transportation tools

Internet of vehicles and big data technology

Session Chairs

Wei Hua(Southeast University)

Xiaoyong Zhu(Jiangsu University)

Pinjia Zhang(Tsinghua University

Xiaosong Hu(Chongqing University)

Wanzhong Zhao(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

Xiaoyan Huang(Zhejiang University)

Xiaofeng Ding(Beihang University)

Chengming Zhang(Harbin Institute of Technology)

Yonggang Liu(Chongqing University

Jiuyu Du (Tsinghua University)

Important Dates