Prof. Shengwei Mei

Tsinghua University


Prof. Hongjie Jia

Tianjin University

TITLE:Key Technologies and Prospects of Wireless Power Supply for Rail Transit

Prof. Zhengyou He

Southwest Jiaotong University


He Zhengyou, is the professor and Doctoral supervisor at Southwest Jiaotong University. He has been engaged in the research of safe, reliable, stable and efficient power supply technology for rail transit and energy power systems for a long time. Currently, he is the dean of the Institute of Smart City and Intelligent Transportation, Southwest Jiaotong University. He has been selected as the Yangtze River Scholar Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education, the recipient of the National Distinguished Young Scholars, the leading talents of Ten Thousand Talents Project, the young and middle-aged leading talents of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the recipient of special allowances of the State Council. Currently, he is the Fellow of IET, the director of the China Electrotechnical Society, the deputy director of the Electrotechnical Mathematics Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering. He won two second prizes of the State Science and Technology Progress Award, five Ministerial and Provincial-Level Science and Technology Awards.

TITLE:To be announced

Prof. Erik Dahlquist

Malardalen University


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